Covenants and Restrictions

Willows Construction Gate Guidelines

The Willows Contruction Entrance should be utilized for deliveries that might cause damage to the primary entrance and as stated by our declarations for vehicles greater than 5000 pounds.

To arrange a gate opening for a delivery,  please submit an email request to   Please specify the day and time frame the delivery is expected.  Please provide 2 days advance notice when possible.  A board member will reply to your request and confirm that the gate will be unlocked for your delivery.

Members can also provide a combination lock that will be placed in the daisy chain on the construction gate.  The member is responsible for maintaining the lock and ensuring that the gate is closed after each use.



Construction traffic consisting of light duty pickup trucks, cars and vans should obtain a construction code and use the primary entrance and not the construction entrance.  This is intended to reduce the traffic on the construction entrance and keep the construction entrance closed as much as possible.